Barbara Heming 
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About Barbara Heming
Barbara Heming’s love affair with books has been lifelong. “I remember the day that I got my first library card at the local branch of the Philadelphia Public Library. I stood in the archway to the children’s room. My eyes swept over the rows of shelves, and I felt like the whole world was right there waiting for me.” 

A snow day was a gift of time to journey into the worlds sandwiched 
between the covers of a book, but Barbara’s journeys have not been 
confined to books. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,  of American 
parents. Her family returned to the United States when she was three and 
settled in the Philadelphia area. During the ensuing years, Barbara forgot 
all the Spanish she knew, but never lost her “alma latino,”  her Latin soul. 
Years later as an undergraduate, foreign study in Madrid, Spain, awakened 
Barbara’s love of the people and their culture leading her to pursue advanced 
degrees, an MA and Ph.D., in Spanish language and literature. She went on 
to teach in higher education and lived in a small agricultural town in 
northern Peru during a sabbatical. 

She has lived in five states and the District of Columbia. Over the years, her curiosity has led her to study weaving, volunteer at a Crisis Center hotline and a women’s meeting house, interpret for Spanish speaking women at a local hospital, and serve in an earth spirituality program.

Barbara continues being a voracious reader in English and Spanish with wide-ranging interests in both nonfiction and fiction, especially the literary and mystery genres. Since moving to a remote canyon in northern New Mexico, she has turned her attention to her lifelong dream of being a novelist, a joyful transition from academic writing to the world of fiction. 

Barbara loves hearing from her fans.  Click here to contact her or email her at