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You can order and get books quickly from anywhere in the world through Amazon. My publisher, CreateSpace, is owned by, and shares the same order entry and fulfillment systems. C/S has a link to allow retail customers to order my book from them direct.

Note: You will need to set up an account with CreateSpace, but it's fast and free to do so.

To find Death Wins the Crown on Amazon, if the above one-click link doesn't work, search under "books" for Death Wins the Crown Heming or ISBN 978-1-4637-7857-6. It will pop right up.

If you enjoy this book, a review on would be appreciated.  
Also, please "tag" the book so the search engines can find it more easily.

LOCAL BOOKSTORES CAN ORDER BOOKS NOW. It takes awhile for it to get into the pipeline. To speed up the process, ask your local bookstore to call their distributor to order copies. Bookstores can request a few promotional copies from me to get started.  

Qualified resellers (regional distributors, book clubs, writers' groups, organizations) can order direct from CreateSpace.


                                              Death Wins the Crown will be available for E-Readers soon. 
                                                                                             Check back.
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