Barbara Heming 
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When Amanda Graves,  Queen of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Court, is  found dead of an apparent overdose  two weeks before Hall of Fame week, the Canton police are quick to call it a suicide. Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Norris, Professor of Sociology, doesn’t believe it. Outraged by police failure to act, grief stricken by Amanda’s death, and distressed at having encouraged her to enter the pageant, Liz resolves to use her research skills to investigate. As Hall of Fame Week nears, Liz encounters blind alleys, dead ends, and lots of opposition as well as pressure to drop her investigation. Her refusal puts her in danger as she draws closer to the killer. 
  Advance Praise for 
Death Wins the Crown
Mix the Football Hall of Fame with
a beauty pageant and a sudden death 
and you have the basis for an intri-      triguing and perplexing mystery. Enter Liz Norris, an intelligent and complex
amateur sleuth,and you have the  
makings of an exciting debut novel. If
you're like me, you're already hoping
for an encore perfomance from Liz
and her creator, Barbara Heming.
              A. Castro, mystery connoiseur  
Barbara Heming and her sleuth, Liz
Norris, have turned me into a fan of  
mysteries. From page one, the professor and the story engaged my interest and held it through the satisfying conclusion. Enjoyig this worthwhile read on all counts, I look forward to more "Hall of Fame" mysteries.    
   Nancy Beeghley, former columnist for 
                        The Vindicator

Works in Progress

      Death Rocks and Rolls - check back for more details

Thoroughly enjoyable. Professor Norris holds her own during crazy Football Hall of Fame Week. She deftly unravels the mystery, keeps her cool and honors her belief in one of her special students.                                    Long time Murder Mystery reader and devotee of women sleuths